Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finding Appropriate Rewards

These days parents are told that it is better to reward children for good behaviour rather than punishing their bad behaviour. Many people think this means to give them a packet of sweets or pocket money. However, giving children money, does not show them the rewards that can be gained from earning it. There are other ways that some parents to use to reward their children. Some use sticker charts but an interesting idea could be to give them a trophy. This the best pageant trophy is an example of the sort of thing that you could get done, although you would have to personalise it for your child. This can give them a prize without them having to get a financial reward. Sometimes we have to do jobs without reward, like looking after our home and family and so by teaching children early that a small reward can be gained, rather than it always being a payment, they will start to understand that they cannot always be expected to be paid for everything.

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