Saturday, January 05, 2013

Amazon Reviews

I was just taking a look at my Kindle books on Amazon as one of them is selling better than I expected. This is because I have very little competition in that particular niche market, which is really good. I noticed when I was looking at it, that there were no reviews.

I had written author reviews for all of my books, to help them sell better. People look at the star rating and it influences their decision to buy and with no reviews they are worried. It also gives me an opportunity to add to my synopsis. I always call it an 'author review' so that people reading it will not think it is by a reader.

Amazon has removed all of my reviews. This could explain why people are not buying my books so much because the star rating is lower. I am going to think about how I can change this. I do not know who my customers are and so I cannot ask them to rate the books.

On a more positive note, my sales had increased today. I am hoping this will continue!

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