Monday, January 07, 2013


I have just exceeded $1,000 in income from my US Kindle book sales. This has been since April 2010 so not a fast earning rate but I am still really happy at that total! Lets hope that there are many more thousands to come!

I have been increasing my available books over the years and so my sales have been increasing. I started off with just four books and now have thirteen titles available to buy. I have tried to look for niche market areas, although I have experimented with some fiction as well. My best seller is a book on Hypoglycemia which has only been available for sale for just over a year and this has sold more copies than any other book. Another big seller is my Panini cook book which has been available for around 16 months. My next best seller is my vegan book which has been available since I started. Some of my books have only sold a few copies and there are four titles that have sold less than ten copies each, two of these are fiction. I think there is far more competition in the fiction category and there are a lot of free titles available. In the non-fiction area there seems to be less books and if you find a niche market there is even less.

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