Monday, January 07, 2013

Hmmmm...what to do with a £25 windfall.....

I have been sent £25 in Waitrose vouchers because I had 4 shops in December of over £50 and used a MyWaitrose card when I did so. This is a great windfall and obviously I will have to spend it in store. I will use it towards my normal groceries but I will still have an extra £25 towards this months income. What shall I do with it?

- buy 25 lottery tickets and cross my fingers
- treat myself to a meal out
- take the family to the cinema or bowling
- buy myself some new clothes
- put it in the housekeeping

I think if you consider your attitude towards this dilemma then you will learn more about the sort of person you are. I see the money as a bonus towards the housekeeping and it will help keep my grocery bill low so I have extra in my bank account that I can invest once my bills are paid at the beginning of February. If you want to gamble it, then this shows that you enjoy a risk and would rather lose the money and have nothing for the chance of winning more. If you want to treat yourself then you see it as a bonus that you should enjoy rather than something you should save. I do enjoy having a stock of money. As it builds up I feel more secure knowing that I can pay the mortgage off. This security is worth a lot more to me than a few minutes of fun on the lottery which is likely to end in disappointment.

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