Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January is the Month to Sell Ebooks!

Well this months sales so far have proved to me that January is the best month to sell ebooks. Last year I sold my best ever total of ebooks and that still remains to be the case. Sales dropped off during the year but this month my sales are the best I have done since April and the month is not over. It shows to me that January is a great month for selling. My theory is that people get new devices for Christmas and want to start buying content for them. They may also be spending Amazon vouchers that they have been given.

This shows to me that I should be working hard on getting as many new books out there before January as I can, so that I can take advantage of this. I have also noticed that the books that are selling best are my usual better sellers, so there is no new pattern in types of sales, just a higher quantity.

I guess this means that I need to get on with more titles. I do have a selection of ideas, but need to get my novel out of the way as that is nearest to being complete with 30,000 words already done.

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