Friday, January 04, 2013

Losses...and Gains....!

Well no Premium Bond winnings for us this month. This was a bit disappointing but after our £100 last month, we probably were not due another win so soon. I also invested £2,000 in to Premium Bonds last night. I am not sure whether I would have done so, had I realised before I had not won anything. The money is being saved towards paying off a 0% credit card, but it is not due to be paid until May, so I decided to put it in to Premium Bonds and they will be eligible for the March and April draws, before I will have to draw out to pay the bill. Could give me a chance of winning something.

I did get a request to read my FIT meter yesterday. This will allow my solar generation to be calculated and I should get a cheque in the next month, which will be good. This will certainly help towards this months income, but I need to work on some more ideas as well, as I have not yet had very much work in this year.

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