Saturday, January 05, 2013

Mortgage Pay Off

I have focussed for a long time on trying to pay my mortgage off early. However, with about 15 years left to go, it seems like I am still quite far away from paying off the £94,000 that I owe. I think I have around £40k saved up which is not even half of what I owe.

Sometimes it makes me feel very worried, because it would be great to get rid of this burden as soon as possible. However, I sometimes feel very secure as I know that I could easily get a full-time job and earn extra money to get it paid off if necessary. Hopefully I will not have to do that, as I love being able to be here for the children, but we have no risk of losing the house when it needs to be paid for.

I also like having a great deal of money saved up and the idea of handing it over to the bank is quite scary. I have that money in Premium Bonds, potentially earning interest as well as being an emergency buffer if I ever needed it. Handing that over will mean we will have to start saving from scratch again and I don't like that idea. We will have to start saving up for our retirement then and starting from zero is a daunting prospect.

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