Monday, January 28, 2013

Will HS2 Solve Britain's Economic Problems?

George Osbourne has been singing the praises of the HS2 rail route which will link London to Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, allowing people to travel around the country much more quickly. He has said that it will brings jobs to the country and will improve the economy. Where have we heard this before....?

It is interesting in the same interview he explained that had the government not allowed the original railways to go ahead then this country would have been very different and how right he was. I assume that he was referring to the wonder of easy transport links around the country, but did he purposely choose to ignore the fact that the original railways threw this country in to a worse recession than the .com bubble bursting? The cost of building them, unwise investments in rail companies and fraudulent banking led to a huge collapse in the UK economy and many people becoming much worse off.

Of course, this may not happen this time as we don't have bad banks, unwise share dealing and huge building costs this time do we.....???

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