Sunday, February 10, 2013

£5000 Savings Challenge!

My husband has set me an interesting challenge. We have a 0% credit card to pay off in May and we really do not want to use the money we have saved up in our premium bonds. We have calculated that by September we could have £30,000 in each of them and it would be good to not have to take £5k out of them as it would mean we would not have the maximum in them by the end of the year.

This means that I have to start working hard on earning more and spending less. I have just sold my Lego Keyring for over £18 which is a start! I am also expecting some vouchers from Waitrose soon more than £30 I think, which will help as well as £20 for the Co-op. This will help to keep the food shopping down in cost.

I was thinking of buying a new dress for a party in March, but maybe I should not do so now as I do have a suitable outfit. I also have just bought the boys a few new items of clothing so do not need to get them anything else for a while. I will have to make sure my husband doesn't spend anything on books for a while as well.

I think the main way for me to get the money will be to work more and keep my grocery shopping costs down. This means I need to think about running down the cupboards and freezer to spend a bit less and be more inventive with cheaper foods. May also mean less visits to coffee shops and restaurants during half term and Easter.....I will keep thinking and keep posting how well things are going.

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