Sunday, February 17, 2013

My £5k goal....

I have calculated exactly how much I need to pay at the beginning of May and it will be £4877.99. I have already managed to find £850 to put towards it which leaves £4022.99 to pay. This feels a lot better, even though I have not actually earned that much money towards it yet. I have calculated that I have 12 weeks to pay it and that means I have to find £335 a week to put towards it, which is frankly quite scary! Even broken down to £48 a day, it still sounds like a lot to find. Hopefully, once the bills go out in March and April, there will be some money left so I can put a few lump sums aside to help. I also hope to make more money from my work and also may have a FIT payment in which could help as well. We are trying to reduce our spending over the next few months as well, but it is so reassuring to know that we do have enough money in premium bonds to cover the cost if necessary. It makes me feel for those people with debts to pay who have nothing to fall back on, it must be really stressful.

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