Monday, February 04, 2013

Premium Bonds Win

I have won £25 which is the first time for a while I have won anything from my Premium Bonds. I am not sure how much my husband won, he tends to do better than me but I cannot check his account.

I have been looking in to the odds of winning which are 1 in 24,000. We hold almost twice that amount of pounds and so should have two wins a month. You do have a better chance of winning with 3 or 4 balls on the lottery but you do not get back what you pay. So, if you win £10 on the lottery - that is a 1 in 53 chance so you have to spend £53 to win £10. However, you may have to save £24,000 to win £25 on the Premium bonds, but you have that chance of winning every month and can get your money back at the end.

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