Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So...How am I Doing?

Until right now, I have had a continuous stream of writing work since starting by £5k challenge, which is great news. I have been paid about £70, which is not that much, but I have not yet been paid for all of the work that I have done. I also receive £6 in Waitrose vouchers this morning, which is a small bonus. I even got a small refund at a restaurant when I went out for lunch on Monday.

I am hoping that with the right attitude I will be able to find more and more opportunities to save money and to earn more and am hoping that this will help me to achieve my goal. I have been transferring the money that  I have saved so far in to my savings account. I had some money in their already, which I am happy to use and have transferred some from my current account as well. This has led to me having £750 so far towards my total. I am hoping that by earning well this month, I will be able to get that to £1000 before my husband is paid. Hopefully once our expenses in March are paid we will have a chunk to put aside as well, I normally put some in to my Premium Bonds account and so if I am careful with spending on my credit card, I should be able to have less bills to pay and more money to save. It is still a big ask though but I am very determined.

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