Saturday, March 16, 2013

£40 a Day Challenge Day 5

Having only made $10 from selling one blog posts, you may think that I will be feeling a bit down about my challenge. However, I have had plenty of work to get my teeth in to and am hoping that I will get paid enough over the next few days to be able to reach my weekly target. I realise that perhaps counting on a daily basis may be difficult as often payments will come in altogether on a certain day, rather than as and when the work has been done.
I have also been doing a few jobs at school, which is very satisfying. The PTFA earn money to buy all sorts of things and it is nice to be able to put in some time to help my children get a good education and fund things for the school from books toaluminum bleachers and outdoor play things to computers. Spending time away from the business also gives me a well deserved break!

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