Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ching, Ching!!

Well, what an exciting day! Not only did I finish one of my new books and have put it up for sale, I have also had a few other jobs to do. I put a couple of things for sale on eBay and they sold in a few minutes! They will not raise loads of money, but they will help.

It was exciting to have a brainwave of something that might have sold on eBay and then find that they did sell and so quickly as well. I do wonder if I should have sold them at a higher price, but they may not have sold then. I feel happy with what I made and that is the main thing.

I am now working on another book, which I am not sure whether will sell. I normally try to go for a niche market, but I am not sure if this is one or not really.

The only challenge now for me is that I have seen a holiday that I want to go on and I will need to book in advance to secure it....this means using some of the money that could be put towards the credit card bill....tricky decision to make.

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