Saturday, March 16, 2013


Create Space is a site set up by Amazon so that you can self publish your book in to a version that can be printed on demand. The books can be sold through Amazon's sites and so it can create an income stream for writers.

Having already published a selection of books on Amazon Kindle and through Smashwords on other sites, I felt that this would be simple. It turned out that getting the books ready for print was quite complicated and I actually had a go a while ago and then abandoned things. However, I went back to it again yesterday and found the time to put up two of my books, that have now been approved. These will soon be available on Amazon in print as well as Kindle form. I am quite sure that ebooks are overtaking print format, but feel that if I have no other paid work, it is worth my while setting up all my books like this as it could create some additional income for me. I have started with my more popular Kindle titles, but aim to get all my books set up in this way eventually and it will be interesting to see whether there are any sale.

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