Thursday, March 07, 2013


I have spoken to all of the family about the holiday that we would like to take and we have decided to go for it. It will start as soon as they break up for the summer and be for a week. We are planning on booking it very soon so that we can guarantee that we will get it. This does mean using some money form my credit card savings fund and so I will somehow have to raise a further £400 unless I want to use my savings. I have decided that it is worth it.

We contemplated many ideas from luxury paris rentals, hotels in St Ives, Legoland and Glasgow but ended up agreeing on Bluestone Wales in Pembrokeshire. I have many happy memories of holidaying in this area as a child and I think it is a good compromise. The cabin is fairly luxurious with good facilities nearby but it is cheaper than staying in a hotel. It will be self catering, but I do not mind making breakfast as long as we can eat out for one meal a day! That will cost more money again, but I am going to work hard to save up more money after May, both to pay for the rest of the holiday and to make sure that we have some spending money while we are there so we can have a relaxing time.

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