Thursday, March 07, 2013

Money on My Mind!

Sometimes I wonder what people must think of me as I am always thinking about money! Ways to save money, ways to spend less money, ways to get bargains when I do buy things! I do think that it has worked out well for me though, all this financial education that I have given myself.

I did make some mistakes, by investing in shares that did not do well and it taught me to be more careful when taking risks with my money. I feel that I have done well in that I have found a fantastic mortgage rate which has enable us to be able to afford renovations of the house, we have got a good lot of savings behind us adding up to pay off the mortgage when it is needed. We have a house that is fairly free of clutter because we are not always spending money on things. We are happy and do not feel deprived, because we still spoil ourselves with little things. We also save up for things that we need which makes us appreciate them more.

Ideally I would like to be debt free. The credit card debt was taken out as it was 0% and we felt we would do better keeping that money for the 14 months and earning interest on it, rather than paying out immediately and that will be paid off in full before interest starts being charged. I do not consider that to be a debt really. The mortgage on the other hand, is a huge debt and I would love to have that paid off as son as possible. However, because it is such a large and daunting amount, I am making sure we are not being tight with money all of the time as give us a poor quality of life. I hope that I have got the balance right, where we are happy and have everything we need, but maybe not everything we want. Financially we are stable, if both breadwinners were out of work, we could survive for a while which is also good.

I have some concerns about the lack of pensions, how much we may need to help towards our parents care in old age as well as our own and I would dearly love to earn more money than my husband!!

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