Saturday, March 09, 2013

Money Saving Meals

At the moment the family are trying to eat more healthily. In a bid to lose weight and get more nutrients, we have embarked on a low carb diet. This means no grains and smaller amounts of sugar. The problem with this diet is that it can be expensive as you cannot fill up on cheap bread, pasta, splits pretzels and things like that. We are buying salmon, meat, vegetables and salad which are dearer.

I feel that it is worth spending this extra money to make sure that the family is healthy. I am careful to still try to save money on meals though. I compare the prices of the different ingredients that we buy to try to get the cheapest options. I look for the cheaper vegetables, the cheaper fish and meat and things like that. I am careful not to reduce the quality too much while doing this, but by trying a few new things, you can often find that you will get a fantastic meal for less money, with no difference in flavour at all.

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