Tuesday, March 05, 2013

More Money Made!

I received a payment for my big rewriting job yesterday and added in to a few other smaller jobs I was able to add £400 to the rfid credit card fund. I also got by family allowance payment today so I was able to move another £100 over. I have also decided to use some more of my emergency savings fund to leave it at £250 which I will feel will be enough as it is very rare that I have to use it. This takes me to the grand total of £2500!! Very exciting.

I won only £25 on the premium bonds this month, which was rather disappointing but hopefully we will do better next time. I also have quite a bit of work still which should bring more in. My ebooks are not selling very well this month, having just sold one so far. I am in the middle of writing two more and hopefully they will help my sales.

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