Saturday, March 09, 2013

My £5k Challenge

I have not been able to make much more money lately and with no extras coming in to the bank account, then I have not been able to add to the £2600 already made. I should get a payment very soon from a customer which will allow me to move £50 from Paypal and then I am due a £95 from Amazon for UK ebook sales and a $100+ cheque has been sent in to my bank as well. This will all help, but I need to find some more sources of income.

I have been unsuccessfully promoting my ebooks, but the payments for these are delayed for a while by Amazon and so it will be too late for that money to get in to my account in time to cover the credit card bill, although it could help towards the holiday fund. However, I do need to think of some more ways to make extra money as well.

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Erwin said...

Hi everyone,

and good luck with your challenge Rachel. I hope you will reach your goal, al the best.

And share with us how it all end up.

Erwin, see you on top.