Monday, March 11, 2013

My £5k now £6k!

I I received a Paypal payment and an Amazon payment in to the bank this morning which means that I was able to transfer a further £150 over to the savings account. This takes the total money saved towards the credit card bill to £2750 which is very exciting. Being over the half way mark is great.

I have been calculating how much more I need to earn though. I am confident that by keeping the spending down I can save at least £500 when my husband gets paid at the beginning of April and May so that will add on £1000. That means that I still have to find £1250 from somewhere and then also find the £400 for the holiday deposit plus the outstanding balance has to be paid on the 26th May and so that does not leave long to find the rest of the money needed. This will go on the credit card so will not need to be paid off until June probably, but it is still sensible to get the money as soon as possible.

This means that I am going to set my target to £6000 instead. This means that I am no longer halfway there. I  therefore have 8 weeks to get around £2250 which is £281 a week. This boils down to £40 a day which is not too scary a target but can be quite tricky to earn sometimes.

I had better get on with earning instead of blogging then!

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