Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Finances

I have just had a look at the bank account in light of the fact that my husband will be paid tomorrow. We have not managed to transfer very much to our savings account lately, despite the fact that I have been dropping small payments in to the account. this is because we have both taken out a certain amount of cash. He pays for coffees while at work and for car parking and I treated the children to some books to read during the Easter holidays. This means that we still have just £2800 towards the £6000 we need to pay our credit card bill and the holiday. He will get some expenses paid as well as salary and because the credit card bill has been kept down, it should mean that we will have a nice sum to transfer once the bills have gone out next week. I am not sure that we will make the target, it really very much depends on how much I make next month, which does put a lot of pressure on me, but it is very satisfying knowing that I am able to make a significant contribution towards the household income.

Yesterday I had a £39 payment, so I am not steering too far away from my weekly target either. In fact this month my earnings are so far the best they have been since last March, which is very pleasing. Hopefully I can get some more in before the end of the month and top even that, but we will have to wait and see. I have had some more work in today, but that will not be paid for until next week, but I do have a few payments due before the end of the month. I am out all day today, tomorrow morning and then it is the Easter bank holiday weekend, so I am not sure what bearing that will have on my earnings and the amount of time I have to work.

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