Saturday, March 09, 2013

New Book Ideas

I have recently been sent details of a piece of software that helps you to easily see gaps in the market for books on Amazon. What it does is shows you the types of things people search for on Amazon in the kindle books directory. You can then find out whether there are many books already in that area and if not, you can write one. I know that niche markets are important when writing ebooks as my niche market books do tend to sell better. However, I am also concerned about writing about a topic that I do not know much about. I do this for my customers, so I could do it and I have lots of research skills. However, I feel that my approach may not be as good, I will find it harder to write and it will take more time. However, it could be well worth it if I can make a lot of money in sales. I am thinking hard about whether to invest in the software at the moment or not as it is not that expensive but I am unsure as to how effective it will be or whether I will be better at finding out what the niche markets are by myself. I will be giving it some careful thought.

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