Monday, March 25, 2013

New Week, New Promise!

I have decided to forget about last week and the lack of money made. I know that I will need to catch up the amount from then, to make my target, but that will be rather daunting, so I have decided to aim for £281 again this week and not worry about the £204 that I was short last week. I just hope that it may appear in another way somehow! Trying to make £485 would just be a bit much, especially with the children off school for the next couple of weeks and the bank holiday possibly making it more difficult to get work.

I am going to continue visualising making my weekly target, which worked well for my first week. I will also keep trying different things to try to get traffic to my blogs and then hopefully help me to sell links there. I am also hoping that may help me with my book sales as well, although it is a bit late for me to take advantage of any money made there because payments take so long to arrive. I will obviously be continuing with the writing work and hoping that will bring in a significant chunk of money too. I am still being fairly frugal, but may need to think about spending less on groceries as I have bought the children some new books today and will be giving them some money for Easter so need to try to save money elsewhere.

I will keep plugging away at ways to try to make money though and hopefully this will work out for me this week as well as it did the week before last.

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