Saturday, March 09, 2013

Preparing for Mother's Day

It makes me smile when I speak to Mother's preparing for their big day tomorrow. Many of them are tidying and cleaning their house and then will be cooking meals for their children who are visiting. Many feel that they should not have to do this because they should be looked after on their day.
Although my sons are seven years old, I still feel that Mother's Day is for my mother and mother-in-law. I do appreciate a handmade card from the children, but I do not expect anything else. I am happy to do jobs on the day and I do not want gifts. I feel the day is one that has been used by card shops and businesses to make money. Although I admire how enterprising they have been, that does not mean that I want my family to feel that they have to spend money on me. We are saving for a holiday, which will be fantastic and I would rather the money was saved towards that, than spend on gifts that are unnecessary.

I will be giving gifts to my Mother and Mother-in-Law but I do not want my children to start this expensive tradition,. At the moment it will be my money they will be spending on them anyway and as they get older, I would rather they use their money more wisely. I guess a lot of mothers would not agree with me though...

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