Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Working....

I have been working hard all week, but why does there always seem to be so much more to do on a Saturday? I guess it could be because I have the family under my feet and trying to help them with their homework as well as working made for rather a distracting morning. I was very pleased with what they achieved at least!

It is good to have the work coming in though of course. I am hoping that i will get enough payments to get me well on my way to my goal today. I have sent out two invoices and another request for money that I hope I will hear back from. I have also had some positive enquiries about paid blog posts, which could raise a bit more.

I think it would be rather disappointing if I do not reach my target in week one, especially as I had a lot of help from the Amazon payments I had. It would be really encouraging to start next week, having achieved my goal for the previous week, or else I will feel like I am playing catch-up and have to make up that total first. I will keep trying though, both with the positive thinking and the working!

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