Friday, March 29, 2013

Slow Weekly Progress

Despite doing a fair bit of work this week, payments have been slow in coming in. I am due to invoice someone today and get paid for a job on Sunday and am expecting another small payment before the end of the week, but I need a lot more to reach my target.

So far I have received £85 and I am owed around £35 more so not very close to target yet. I do have some positives though. Books are steadily selling through Createspace, although it is unlikely that I will get a payment before the start of May as there is some delay. I am also selling some ebooks through Amazon and should get a payout for that next month. I am due a payout from Smashwords for ebook sales on other platforms next month as well. I picked up a couple of books, which could make me some money on eBay as well. There are lots of little bits of work around at the moment, but hopefully they will add up!

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