Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Social Networking and Business Promotion

I am rather confused by the importance of social networking and business promotion. I know that many big firms have Facebook pages and they use them to promote products. However, I have small companies and do not know whether social networking is worth the effort or not.

I have read that it is much better to spend time writing good quality blog articles rather than messing around with social networking. I can see how this could make sense, as directing people to your blog is a waste of time if they do not like the content that they see on it and do not think that it is good enough quality. However, on the reverse side if you do not promote the blog at all, you will find that your blogging efforts go unnoticed as no one has ever visited it.

I suppose that it is very much about balance. Make sure that there is a lot of good quality content on your blog so that people want to visit it. This means lots of informative and relevant articles that people will want to read and find useful. It can be difficult to know exactly what that means, but perhaps the best way is to imagine that you are reading your own blog and think about whether you would be interested in reading the articles that you are writing! I like to see a combination of personal and business posts so that they are informative but also personal so you know that the writer is actually a normal person and you can get to know a bit about their personality.

I am therefore going to try to update all of my blogs more often if I can. I do find that i go through periods where I am very busy with other work and so do not get much time for blogging, but I need to schedule posts for the future, so that the blogs keep getting updated without me having to go on them every day. I have some ideas for some of my blogs and so just need to get to work on them.

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