Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stronger Beliefs?

Being Easter you may think that the title of this post is referring to my religious thoughts, but it does not. I am a self believer but I think that what is holding me back in my money making goals is self belief. I think that I know I have set myself a difficult weekly target and that is what is making it tough for me to achieve it. I need to change this.

I know that I have the time to fit in the work to earn that amount of money. I tend to earn around £5 an hour and so could easily do eight hours a day and earn my £40 target. I can often work a lot faster than this and get paid more as well. What is holding me back is actually a lack of work.

I do have times when all my customers seem to want work at once and I am flat out for every hour I can spend. Then I get quiet weeks, where a few of them may send me little bits and bobs and I earn very little. I do try hard to use my time carefully by writing books, promoting my books and blogs, trying to sell blogposts and things like that. I do not waste very much time. I do get worried about looking for more work though as I wonder whether in my busy moments I would find it difficult to cope, but maybe that is what I need to do. Not to be afraid of being snowed under but to try to get some new customers so that I can earn more money.....

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