Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Cost of Pets

My children have been saying that they would like a pet hamster and I am in a dilemma. There are a selection of reason why I do not want pets such as the noise, mess, responsibility and finding a sitter when you go on holiday. However, there are also financial responsibilities  I think people forget about the cost of the food, insurance, vet bills,pet bed and toys that you have to buy. Even the smallest animals need money spent on them.

I know that it can be a good thing, to teach the children responsibility by giving them something to look after. However, I wonder whether giving them a plant or part of the garden to take care of may still give them the same thing without the added expense. It is also worth making sure that you hunt around for good bargains, when you are buying things for your pets. Do not always go to teh same place as you may be able to save elsewhere. Be careful making special journeys though as you will need to factor in the transport costs and if you buy on line, take note of the postage. 

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