Saturday, March 09, 2013

Working Hours

I always find that it is very odd being self-employed. I find that I either have too much work or too little, I get most work evenings and weekends and always have lots when I want a day off or holiday! I suppose there is a law about that!!

I also find that I earn well below the minimum wage. I probably work more hours in a week than most people unyet my pay is very much lower. I worked out before that my pay is equal to around £3 a hour. I get paid about £10 an hour for some work and maybe half that for the less well paid stuff. But then there is all the work that I do which does not earn me anything directly, like writing books, promoting books, communicating with customers and looking for work. I do love the flexibility of being self employed, but I am sure there are ways that I could earn more money and I need to find them!!

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