Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Look Back

It has been a really busy week for me again. As well as doing lots of writing work I also managed to squeeze in time to do an interview for the Buy Here Pay Here website.

I have managed to transfer a lot of money this week as well, so I now have enough in my savings account to pay the outstanding credit card bill, when it is due at the beginning of next month. This is fantastic news.

I have surpassed my weekly earning target again this week with a fantastic £475 which matches my best week so far since I have been working on earning £40 a day. These are my updated results :

11th - 17th March - £281 (-)
18th - 24th March - £77 (-£204)
25th - 31st March - £141 (-£344)
1st - 7th April - £475 (-£150)
8th - 14th April - £304 (-£127)
15th - 21st April - £475 (+£67)

As you can see from the figures, it means that I am now £67 ahead of my target which is great news. I am hoping I will continue to surpass my targets though as that means that I will have some more money to put towards our holiday. In fact I have a secret plan to have a short break away this year as well as the main holiday if I earn enough. We will have to see what happens though as we need to pay for our other holiday first and then top up our premium bonds.

I had an interesting comment on this blog a while ago, asking how well I was doing with my doubling journey. Well in brief answer to that, I am no longer doing doubling. i am still keeping a note of my earnings since I started this blog though. If I was doubling I would have that money in a bank account somewhere or invested but because I am not it has gone in to the housekeeping! However, the total I have earned/made since starting this blog in February 2007 is £39,791, which is £6631 a year. It is not a huge amount compared to what other people earn, but considering I have had the luxury of being my own boss, working the hours I wish to and having precious time with my children, I am pleased with that!


jay said...

Wow averaging over £6.5k a year is an amazing achievement, that's really great.

jay said...

thanks for the link in your interview, I just went to read the interview and am delighted to get a 'mention' - thanks again