Thursday, April 04, 2013

April Update

I have been so busy this month so far, but it has been so worth it! I have been paid £166 so far and I am expecting payments of around £70 to come in today. I am working on a project worth around £150 and have had a lot of enquiries from people wanted more work if I can fit it in. It is all extremely exciting!

I have also checked the premium bonds this morning and our winnings were great. My husband won a £50 and two £25 prizes and I won a £25 prize as well. Although these prizes get paid back in to our premium bond accounts, they add to our mortgage repayment fund.

I have managed to transfer lots of money in to my savings account as well and now have £4,000 towards that credit card bill. I have just £1,000 left to get and I am very positive about my earnings this month being able to make this much. We also have one more pay day before we have to find the money, so we should have more than enough. I have also calculated that the holiday will not need to be settled until June, because it will go on to the credit card that gives us a certain interest free period, so that will give me longer to save up.

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