Monday, April 08, 2013

Great Earning Progress!

Another week has ended and I have been working on my £281 a week goal for four weeks now. At the end of last week I applied for a selection of writing jobs and also advertised my services. As a result I got a lot of extra work in and My earnings were £475 which was fantastic. This means that I am coming close to making up for the weeks when I did not do so well:

11th-17th March - £281 (-)
18th - 24th March - £77(-£204)
25th - 31st March - £141 (-£344)
1st - 7th April - £475 (-£150)

It is great to be making up some ground on those weeks where I did not do so well, despite the fact that it was exhausting work!


Anonymous said...

I was surfing and came across this blog....From what I can gather you have had a good month there.

But what is your "Million Pound Target Fund" Amount Total Now.

Good luck on your journing


Anonymous said...

Hiya its me Amanda again..

I am not telling you how to run your blog, But it would be nice to see in the top corner total amount "Stored" so far....

I say "stored" as obviously funds may go to start ups or other projects, or even just basic cost of living expenses.

Plus when did you start what gave you the idea etc etc at least some background info is required for us readers to engrossed lol...

Later Amanda