Monday, April 01, 2013

Last Months Progress

I am thrilled with how much money I made last month. It was the largest amount that I have made in a month for two years, which is fantastic. This was even considering the fact that I did not make my £40 for 2 out of 3 weeks. In fact my breakdown was as follows:

11th - 17th March - £281
18th - 24th March - £77
25th - 31st March - £141

In fact the average earnings I made last month were 33 per day, which is lower than my target. This means that I have some making up to do.

I am extremely determined this month though and last night worked on two new strategies to get new money coming in. I wrote several batches of articles to sell as ready written material, although these have not yet sold, they have resulted in a query with someone which has led to them sending me some writing work. I also applied for several new writing jobs and so far have got one of them. I have therefore got quite a few new writing assignments today and have already been paid some money, so things are looking good.

I have also sold two things on Amazon today. One belonged to my son and so when the money comes in, he will be getting the profits from that but the other was mine, so will be a bit more money in. I am therefore feeling very positive about this new month and am hoping that this will continue so that I can reach my target of making £1200 by the end of it.

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