Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week's Earnings

I am aware I was very quiet on this blog last week. I was busy, which was great!. I surpassed my earning target too, which was great news. My progress so far is as follows:

11th - 17th March - £281 (-)
18th - 24th March - £77 (-£204)
25th - 31st March - £141 (-£344)
1st - 7th April - £475 (-£150)
8th - 14th March - £304 (-£127)

I am still a little behind schedule, but I am happy with last weeks progress and the fact that I am still owed money from work I did last week, so that will help me make my target this week. If I continue to do well, I could have my best ever month, earnings wise, since I started my business too, which would be extremely exciting.

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