Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Progress so Far This Month

I am so thrilled about my progress this month. It is only the 2nd April and I have already been paid £111. Some of the money was from work that I did in March, but most of it is from new customers that I have picked up. It is so exciting that I have picked up some new business and am already being paid for it. I have been extremely busy with work from previous customers as well as new ones, but I know that if I want to reach my target, then I will need to work really hard this month.

My printed books have also been selling well through Createspace, better than my ebooks have done so far this month, which is fantastic news. It looks like I may reach the minimum payout amount this month, which will mean some more money in May.

I have also had another eBay bid, although I hope that my things will do better than they are so far, but I know people tend to leave bidding until the last day and with four or five days left, it may be a while until I see any more bids.

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