Friday, April 05, 2013

Tax Year End

I have just completed by accounts for the last tax year, as it is is the first day of the new tax year. I always like to take a look and see how well I did. My earnings were actually quite low and I was below the tax limit.  Although it might seem like a fantastic thing, to not have to pay tax, actually I would preferred to have earned more and paid more tax! Hopefully that will be the case next year though.

My week has started off really well with regards to my earnings though, so I am thrilled about that. I have earned £400 already, which far surpasses my £281 goal. I have not yet made enough to cover my lower amounts from previous weeks, but I have other jobs lined up and so it is a possibility. It is all extremely exciting, especially as I managed to transfer another £100 into the savings account, meaning that I now have £4100 towards the credit card bill, just £900 to go and with another pay day for my husband between now and then, it is certainly a very reachable target.

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