Sunday, April 28, 2013

This Week's Earnings

I have actually had a lot less work this week, but due to some money coming in from ebook sales, some higher paid jobs and payments form work that I did last week, I managed to make £446.42, which is fantastic. My totals now stand at :

11th - 17th March - £281 (-)
18th - 24th March - £77 (-£204)
25th - 31st March - £141 (-£344)
1st - 7th April - £475 (-£150)
8th - 14th April - £304 (-£127)
15th - 21st April - £475 (+£67)
22nd - 28th April - £446 (+232)

Having already paid off the credit card bill, it means that I can start saving up towards the holiday which will have to be paid off probably at the beginning of June. I will need £800 which does not seem too difficult a target considering how well I have done so far and the fact that we should have some money left after pay day to put towards it as well.

I have decided that I need to set some new targets, but I have not yet worked out how much. Once I have enough put by to pay off the holiday, I would like to start topping up the premium bonds. My next target would be to max them out as soon as possible. I will work out how much I need to do this, once I get the statements this month, as it will be determined by any winnings we receive. Then I will work out a deadline for topping them up so that I have something to aim for.

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