Saturday, April 06, 2013

Visualise for Success!

I thought that you may be interested in knowing why my work has suddenly picked up and I have been earning more. It has not been a coincidence, that's for sure.

I made a concious decision that I needed to earn more this month. I then started to visualise how much I wanted to earn each week. It took some time for this to take effect, perhaps a few weeks and the work came in. I did apply for some extra jobs and advertise my writing services on a forum. This ended up in me having enquiries from about ten people, many of which I have now written for. Some of them decided not to go ahead with us working together, which is fine as their topics were tricky for me which was probably why they were not happy with the work. However, many of them decided that they liked my work and wanted to carry on and I have probably doubled the amount of customers that I have now. What with a huge job from a current customer as well as smaller jobs from others, my workload has significantly increased.

I am not sure whether I would be happy being this busy all of the time, but at the moment it is just what I need.

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