Monday, June 17, 2013


I am in the fortunate position of being secure financially, but sadly I know someone that is not. They are actually looking for free bankruptcy consultation and I have managed to send them a few websites that i think may be of help. I would like to help them, but have offered and will do what I can, if they do ask. I feel it is a waste of energy otherwise trying to help when not asked as you may be speaking to deaf ears or look like you are being patronising or annoying. The think I find most difficult to cope with is the guilt though. I am in a very good financial position and that is due to hard work, but I still feel like perhaps I should be doing more by giving some money away. However, I know lots of people who are hard up and so then I would have to pick between them or give something to everyone and then I would not have enough to make a significant impact for anyone. Also I will need my money to pay off my mortgage. It is a difficult situation though.

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