Monday, June 17, 2013

Sources of Income

Every so often I do an evaluation of where my income is coming from and whether anything needs to change with regards to my work. We have a salary form my husband, Premium Bond prizes, solar panel feed in tariff earning, ebook sale royalties, blog post sales, blog link sales , the occasional item selling on Amazon, the odd waterproof memo board sale and income from my writing work.

The passive income is the best and that includes the Premium bond winnings, solar panel feed in tariff and ebook sales. I am working on a new ebook, so hopefully that will help things there. Selling things on Amazon is fun, but that is not making much money so not something I will be concentrating on, although coming up to Christmas I may look at it more. Waterproof memo board sales will hopefully pick up in the run up to Christmas as well. Blog link and post sales are a good way to earn, but opportunities do not come along that often which is why I tend to concentrate on the writing work. Some of it I really enjoy and some of it less so. It also pays variable amounts. This means that I am trying to concentrate on doing the better paid work which at the moment is the more fun work. However, it is not enough to get me to my earning targets so I have to fill in with other stuff.It does keep things interesting though!

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