Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Great start to the Month!

My latest solar panel FIT cheque arrived for over £388 which was a great start to the month. This is a larger payment than normal because I have not had once since the beginning of the year. Then I won £25 on the premium bonds and my husband won £25 x 2 which was great.

I chased up my ITIN with the US embassy in London as it has been 60 days since I sent my forms and documents to them. My number has been issued and they sent me a copy of it so i have been able to complete the relevant forms and send them off to Amazon and Smashwords which will hopefully mean that I will no longer have to pay US tax at 30% on my US earnings as well as UK tax too. This should save me a lot of money. Unfortunately I have not yet had my birth certificate or driving licence back and I am hoping they have not been lost in the post. If they have been, then I will have to pay to have them replaced, but on a positive note, I should save more than that by no longer having to pay US tax which is good.

I have also had plenty of work in this month so far as well. It is great to have the money coming in and hopefully to earn over £1,000 this month, but it is rather interrupting my viewing of my favourite sporting event of the year - Wimbledon! I will never turn down the opportunity to earn some money though!

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