Monday, July 29, 2013

Doubling Blogs

I was very interested to see that many of the doubling blogs that I used to read for inspiration for my doubling project have either not been updated for 2-5 years or have disappeared. I was hoping that they might bring me some inspiration to have a go at doubling again or some other money making scheme. however, the fact that they are in this state makes me feel that they cannot have been very successful for the blog owners.

I think that the problems with the doubling scheme are several in number. Firstly you have to have the self-discipline to not be tempted to spend the money that you have made. then you have to keep finding new ways to come up with doubling. It is simple in the beginning and when you have a lot of money, but when you have a few hundreds it can be hard to know what to do to make more money as there is not enough to invest. Personally once I had £100 I would invest in Premium Bonds, but then it could take a long time before you doubled or made more money from it. The recession probably doesn't help with finding good investments as well.

Perhaps doubling is not the way to go at the moment. I have a lot of other projects that I can focus on as well, such as ebooks, Waterproof Memo Boards, my writing work, Amazon sales and my blogs.


debtfreeoneday said...

I'm interested in doubling. It's sad how the blogs you wrote of haven't been updated. I'm new to your blog but I wondered how much success you've had with this. What figure did you get up to?

Rachel said...

I think that I only got up to a few hundred pounds. I found it tricky to know what to do to double my money after that.

DoubleOrNothing said...


I noticed this too. I only recently came across the doubling method and started about 2 months ago. I noticed that most did not get past step 15 to 19. I have a lot of ideas for those steps, but can't seem do well in the first steps.

I know of 1 other blog that actually restarted recently: