Sunday, July 14, 2013

Earning from Surveys

I have seen some advertisements lately where people have been saying they earn a huge income from surveys. There are a lot of survey sites around, but none of them pay a great deal. I tend to just work for a select few. I choose ones where I really enjoy the surveys that they have on the site and then I do not mind the fact that they do not pay that much money. However, as online earning has dropped with regards to the pay rates lately, it can be good to try anything to earn money, if you have the time.

I feel that some people are making lots of money form survey sites because they have a lot of affiliates. if you are good at online marketing and getting people to sign up, then this can be a really good thing to do. However, affiliate earnings will change depending on the sites that you sign up to and so it is worth checking these out first. Some sites offer a lump sum per affiliate and others off a percentage of their earnings. The lump sum may be better if you feel people will only do a few surveys but if you think they will do a lot, then percentage earnings might be better.

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