Sunday, July 14, 2013

Heat Wave!

There seem to be so many people excited by how hot it is in the UK at the moment. I only wish I had some money invested in ice-cream! Personally. I find it extremely difficult to find the energy to do anything in this heat. I try to get things done while it is cool, but the coolest hours seem to be between 10pm and noon, which is typically when I tend not to be that productive - mainly because I am asleep for a lot of it!!

I used to cope better when I was younger I think. Although that may have been because I spent most sunny days lying in the garden getting a tan and not trying to do anything! Now I have to try to work it is not fun. However, I am glad that I do not work outside as I think I would go quite mad!! It is hard enough picking up the children form school at 3ish when it is so warm!

Thankfully we have booked a holiday in Wales, where it is a lot cooler - about 7 degrees cooler which will be amazing! Thank goodness....!!

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