Sunday, July 14, 2013

Money Obsessed!

I tend to write about finance for most of my job and therefore tend to find myself thinking about it quite a bit. I sometimes wonder whether people think that I am completely obsessed by money!

At the moment, I do find that a lot of people are talking about money. Many people are complaining that they do not have enough, perhaps have had a pay cut, lost their job or just that prices seem to be going up. I do feel lucky that I am not short of money. We have worked hard to build up some savings and made sure that we have not got in to debt. I also did a lot of research into savings, investments and debts which is proving to be very useful, both from a personal finance point of view but also for my writing work.

I do feel that many people are not considering changing their spending habits based on the economy. We have to consider what it is doing and spend or save accordingly. We are very lucky that we have a tracker mortgage and with the rates low, we are paying a very small amount of interest. We also have an interest only mortgage, so we pay very little to the bank. We are putting money away each month so that we have enough to pay off the mortgage of course. The mortgage that we have is no longer available to new customers, but many people could save money by looking for better deals. They should also bear in mind that while times are hard they should not be buying lots of things. It is all too easy to think that you need the latest gadgets, holidays and other luxuries when they should be put on hold until times are better.

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