Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pet Insurance

I have had to write a lot of articles recently about insurance and it has got me to thinking about it. I used to think that many types of insurance were unecessary, but I have changed my mind about many. If you have savings, then it may be cheaper to use those to pay for expenses, rather than going to the expense of paying for insurance, but it very much depends on the risk.

Many more people are getting pet insurance lately and this can make sense. It may seem expensive enough buying the pet, its toys, home or bedding and food and insurance may seem rather dear. However, if consider the cost of dog beds compared to a operation, then you might change your mind about the insurance. You will never know if you will make a claim on the insurance, but it is likely that the pet will need some visits to the vets. They may need injections, operations and then perhaps treatments for illness or injury.  having insurance can help the cost of this be far more manageable.

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