Thursday, August 01, 2013

Birthday Gifts - Eeek!

It is so hard to decide on what to buy my children for their 8th birthday. One wants a guitar and so that it easy as I can get a book, strap, strap locks, cappo and plectrum. However, the other is proving to be harder as he is not interested in music and only really likes his computer. He did come up with a few ideas though. He did come up with a classic the other day though.

His grandmother asked him if he wanted money. he said that he had some money but was not saving up for anything at the moment and so it was a bit annoying! I think I need to have a word with him about that attitude! I guess it is hard to understand the value of just 'saving for the future' when you are so young. So your children like saving when they have nothing specific to save for?

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