Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Cost Efficient Gardening

Our home grown strawberries are now over for the season, the last of which were eaten by birds while we were on holiday. We have had a good few years worth of crops from the plants and although I paid quite a bit for them and we do not get many strawberries a year, I think that we have made our money back, even including the organic pest control that we have had to use in order to prevent the slugs and snails eating them.

Over the years I have tried different things in the garden. I tried growing tomatoes, but they got a virus and then the following year got some more and they got the same virus again. So I gave up on those. I have a herb post but only rosemary seems to grow, but I do use it in the winter when I roast vegetables, so that one has been good value for money.

However, in a previous house I tried growing all sorts of vegetables. I tried potatoes, which got attacked by some creepy crawlies, carrots which never grew and lettuce, which stayed very tiny. I have learnt that although growing vegetables can save a lot of money, if you are not good at growing them it is a waste of time and effort! I have decided to stick to things that I know will grow for me for now and then I know that i am not wasting time and effort.

How do you find your growing efforts? Are you green fingered or a bit of a disaster like me?!


Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter said...

I'm a bit of a disaster. I kill our veggies every year, but this year we have a tomato - just one, between two plants. Our flowers do well, but I think that's because they are well established from the previous home owner.

David G. McKenna said...

My family have actually had the same problem with tomatoes and have taken to growing them in large pots, with potting soil. This eliminates any soil virus problems you might have.

Rachel said...

That sounds like a good idea, but ours were actually in pots when they got the disease, we think it may have been in the plants when we bought them.